Phi Juwelen - 


The Italian origins of both creators set the tone in collections. According to their whim and to their passion, colors, lines can be baroque, art deco, of 70, glamour, rock 'n' roll … Poggi gave birth to a style so recognizable as suggestive. Poggi's jewels express the humor of fashion of every season. The women do not make a mistake there, they seize and adorn themselves with these jewels which convey a potential of strength and seduction. In perpetual research, their work addresses a dynamic and original woman. Besides the fact of making beautiful, jewels are self-sufficient to themselves and admire as much as they go. Thanks to a faithful clientele, so French as international which markets successfully the product, without omitting the journalists of specialist publications who support him and the Fashion houses which approve by a large majority him.

Er zijn voorlopig nog geen producten online te verkrijgen. Deze collectie kan wel bewonderd worden in onze winkel.